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Cost: $44.99 CAN for 96 pages of detailed lesson plans, activities and notes. Teacher key included. Your order will be shipped using Canada Post Exedited shipping. For faster shipping options please visit our Order page.


Individual School Copying Rights is $700.00; please contact us for further details.

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Our Products

Greek Mythology – Study Activity Guide

Objectives Covered Sample Worksheet


Greek Mythology – Study Activity Guide

This unit includes detailed lesson plans, curriculum-related skills, the myths, and reproducible student worksheets. It is suitable for grades 5 to 9 and id excellent for integration with the grade 6 Social Studies unit on Ancient Greece.

Ancient mythologies have exerted a great deal on influence on western culture and literature over the centuries. Myths form the basis of many literary works. The English language contains many words which can be directly traced to Greek mythology. Allusions to mythical figures permeate our culture in the form of movies and advertising. Astronomy, architecture, and athletics tell of ancient Greek influences. This unit will offer the student an opportunity to trace the roots of these influences in order to develop a better understanding of their significance. A comparison is also drawn between Greek and Roman myths.

Lesson 1: The Myth of Creation and the Beginning of Man
Lesson 2: How the Peacock and the Seasons Came to Be
Lesson 3: The Development of Spiders
Lesson 4: Grasshoppers and the Sun
Lesson 5: Love, Echoes and the Narcissus Flower
Lesson 6: Sins / Pandora's Box


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